Your First Visit

We hope you will never experience a collision, but if you happen to, Sunnyside is here to walk you through each step of your next visit.

1. Requested Items

During your visit, you will need the name of your claim adjuster, claim number and their phone number in order for your collision expert to provide you with the very best service. Your vehicle will need to be present, but the owner is not required to be there.

2. Receiving your collision estimate

It is never a bad idea to get more than one estimate. Estimates are free and are written on-site for all vehicle makes and models. Sunnyside Collision Repair does not write estimates over the phone. This practice is not adequate and can prevent your collision expert from missing hidden damages, including incidents inside hard to see areas of the vehicle. You can expect the most meticulous and professional estimate when your vehicle is thoroughly inspected on-site at the Collision Repair Center. Your estimate will take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Already have an insurance estimate?
You can email, fax, or bring in the estimate to the Sunnyside Collision Repair Center of your choice. Sunnyside Collision Repair will prepare your estimate and call you to schedule an appointment to have you bring your vehicle in for repair. Upon disassembly of your vehicle, you will be notified if there are any additional parts or repairs needed in addition to your submitted estimate.

3. Scheduling your estimate

Your estimate will take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes depending on your vehicle’s condition. Sunnyside encourages you to schedule your appointment ahead to prevent you from having to wait.

4. Your Payment Options

Before you receive your free estimate, Sunnyside Collision Repair will need to know if you are:

  1. Paying through your insurance company
  2. You will need to file an insurance claim on your vehicle
  3. Sunnyside Collision Repair works with all insurances companies. Please provide your collision expert the name of your Insurance Company.
  4. Paying the repair Out-Of-Pocket
  5. You will need to pay the repair in full forgoing your insurance company

5. Writing your estimate

On the day of your appointment, your collision expert will accompany you outside to your vehicle. It is always a good idea to take pictures of your vehicle before you come in. You are encouraged but not required to wash your vehicle before you bring it in. This will help signal hard to see damages including anything from light scratches to dings, providing you with a more precise estimate

6. Image shoot:

When required your collision repair expert will start by taking pictures of your vehicle. All four corners of your vehicle will be captured next to any instances of damages inside, near and around the vehicle’s collision damage.

7. Getting your vehicle Inspected

There is no customary procedure for writing the estimate. Estimates will vary from repair shop because of variable items like labor to judgmental items on your vehicle. Anything that can be repaired is a judgment of the person looking at your car. Sunnyside collision experts go through a 6 month training process and understand what to look for in order to provide your vehicle with the highest quality repair. Collision experts will use their hands to investigate all areas of the vehicle while looking for any instances of hidden damage. While taking note of these areas, your collision expert will inform you during this process. They will share with you what they are looking for and what will need to be done. This is a great time for your questions!

8. Generating your estimate

It's important to understand that your estimates will vary. Repairs shops use different estimates systems that may that may display labor rates differently. This is not only due to judgmental items on the vehicle that include labor and parts used. After your vehicle inspection, a collision expert will fill out your estimate using a computer based program that will formulate the estimate. The collision expert will need to know:

  • Your first name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip
  • License Plate Number
  • Vehicles mileage
  • VIN Identification

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