Hail Damage Experts

What you can expect

Hail is a circular particle of ice that forms and falls during thunderstorms. Active storms can produce hail in sizes of anywhere from millimeters to more than 5 inches in diameter. When wind is added at high speeds, your vehicle can become exposed to a serious threat and can experience more than just a dent or ding to its body. Hail can even cause damage to the metal that makes up your automobiles body panels. Sunnyside Collision Repair Center specializes in Hail Damage Repair for minor and severe hail damages.

Types of Hail Damage:

Hail damage can range from cosmetic, light damage, producing small, visible dents and dings to significant hail damage, affecting the body and operation of your vehicle. To best handle your vehicle’s damage, the Sunnyside Collision Center works closely with two certified Hail Damage Experts, to offer you hail repair damage right inside the shop!

Hail’s effect on your vehicle

When hail strikes, speed, size and length can cause your vehicle’s appearance and resale value to suffer. Minor occurrences of hail can cause dent and ding damage while severe instances can have an effect on your vehicle’s operating system.

How you benefit

Sunnyside Collision Repair has you covered when your vehicle experiences hail damage. We understand that storms can happen at any time, leaving your vehicle helpless. Hail damage can be difficult to repair without state of the art tools and expertise. Sunnyside Collision works hand in hand with a two hail damage repair specialists and performs specialized aluminum work inside the facility. Sunnyside Collision Repair is ready to work on:

  • Minor instances – partner with local specialists in hail damage repair and quality dent repair with an industry-leading Paintless Dent Repair process that precisely and carefully eliminates the dent without effecting the vehicles factory body paint.
  • Severe instances -partner with catastrophic hail storm specialists who perform a specialized paintless dent removal service that forgoes sanding, painting and body fillers with specialized tools in order to recreate your vehicles original shape and structure.

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